Smart networks

Virtual power plant

By establishing a "virtual power plant", we innovate the integrated technologies of smart networks of the present and future and related services at the level of the existing management centres, distribution systems, systemic suppliers, etc. With new approaches we optimise the distribution of energy production potential with the purpose of comprehensive energy efficiency, and we focus on introducing dynamic consumption, storage and production of energy. In doing so we will test the blockchain and smart contracts technologies. The purpose of the operation of a virtual power plant is to ensure reserve active power and to improve the operation of other power plants within the system in the HSE Group, and this connects to a large extent to the systemic services of the group.

Predictive models of electricity production from renewable sources

As part of the optimisation of electricity production from renewable sources, it is sensible to make a predictive model of production (solar energy, wind, water). The plan is to make a model which will provide, as a result, a projection of production on the basis of a previous prognosis of solar exposure, wind conditions and hydrological outlooks. At the same time, the use of the conceptualised model is also envisaged for the case of planning of activities in the event of high water levels. The use of such models/tools results in better management of the existing capacities with regard to the electricity market conditions.